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Home Accents

What does it take for a room to be well-designed? Furniture is a start, along with its placement within the room. Lighting is one of the next steps, and proper lighting design can make a room feel relaxing, intimate, energetic, or sophisticated. After you’ve done all that, you’re essentially done, right?

Well…not exactly. A well-designed room can’t truly be called that until home decor and accents have entered the mix. The right accent chair, stylish end tables, colorful artwork, and a decorative table lamp or two can all redefine your space and transform it into something truly unique. You’ll find it all at The House of Lights & Home Accents. Whether you opt to browse our website or within our 10,000+ square foot showroom, our vast selection of decor accessories will provide you with unique and exciting ideas.

Take the time to peruse our site for inspiration. You’ll find mirrors, decorative bookends, artwork, and far more. Whatever physical space you have and whatever style suits you, there are thousands of options to enhance the look and feel of every room in your home.

We’re also ready to give you expert design guidance. If you’re redesigning or redecorating a single room, you’ll need to find the right decor that matches or complements your personal style. We’ll help to narrow down your options and provide you with suggestions you might not have considered on your own. If you’re decorating a home that’s brand-new, we’ll go through the house room by room and help you select just the right decor for each space.

If you have questions about incorporating decor, item placement, or anything else, contact us today. We can’t wait to help!

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