Modern bathrooms have transformed from simple, functional spaces into spa-like havens where you can relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Whether you’re updating your master bath or you have plans to add another guest bathroom, it’s important to have the proper lighting for each space. At The House of Lights & Home Accents in Melbourne, we have an outstanding selection of bathroom lighting fixtures, and would love to help you find the ideal options.

Layers of Light

The perfect bathroom lighting combines all three types of lighting – ambient, accent, and task. You want the space to be a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation, and peace and tranquility can be achieved by having the right lighting in the right places. The proper vanity lighting makes it easy to shave or put on makeup in the morning, and recessed lighting above the tub lets you set the mood for your evening soak. Installing dimmers will give you greater control over your fixtures, and you can set the levels where you need them for your daily routine.

A Touch of Class

You’re not creating a rough, utilitarian space, but rather an inviting and comforting room. Adding a touch of class with a small chandelier and other decorative lighting can put the perfect finishing touches on your new bathroom. You’ll need to consider the ceiling height and width before picking your chandelier, and our expert staff is more than happy to help. Even a small sconce or two on the wall can do wonders!

If you’re looking to update the bathrooms in your home, visit our showroom today. We can show you a number of fixtures that fit your needs and your budget, and we can answer any questions you have regarding design and installation. Above all, we want you to be satisfied that you made the right choice in coming to us.

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