Vanity Lights Guide

Vanity Lights Guide

Jun 2nd 2022 Staff

No doubt vanity lights are one of the most important lighting you have in your bathroom. After all, they illuminate your mirror, which you use probably every day of your life (and multiple times a day!). You want to make sure you have the best lighting for your vanity space. 

Here at The House of Lights and Home Accents in Melbourne, Florida, we offer hundreds of different vanity lights to choose from, both in our 10,000-square foot lighting showroom and online. You will be able to find the perfect style, design, and finish to suit your needs. Below, we'll go over some essential points to choosing vanity lights. Stop by, or browse online today!

Vanity Light Sizes

The first consideration in choosing the perfect vanity lighting for your space is the size needed. You'll want to choose a vanity light that covers your entire vanity space with light, but does not overwhelm the space by being too big or, on the other hand, being too small. Vanity lights come in many different lamp arrays, as well as the number of vanity lights, such as two, three, and four. You may want to measure your space in order to ensure you choose the appropriate length, and do be aware of the width, too.

Vanity Light Shapes

One of the coolest features of vanity lights for your Melbourne bathroom is the available vanity lighting shapes. You can choose from so many that you may even feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer selections available. This is where a top-rated lighting store and lighting designers can truly make a difference in your lighting selection. Here at The House of Lights, our lighting specialists can ensure you know about all of your options, and they can point out the right ones for you. Some of the different types of vanity lights available include: 

  • Bar. Bar vanity lights are very classic and are great for LED lights. 
  • Cage. Cage vanity lights evoke an industrial feel and offer an airy look. 
  • Globe. Globe vanity lights offer a modern/contemporary feel that is sleek and sophisticated, but can be quirky. 
  • Shaded. Shaded vanity lights come in many different shapes and colors. 
  • Tube. Tube vanity lights offer a futuristic feel and are sleek and modern.

Vanity Light Positions 

There are many ways to position your vanity lights. Some can hang directly over your vanity mirror, while others are mounted to the side of your mirror. The most important thing is that you have enough task lighting to see by, so you want to ensure there are no shadows cast or dark areas. They should light your face perfectly.

Vanity Mirror Options 

You should match your vanity bathroom lights to your vanity mirror. Many people get this wrong, and they wonder what is "off" about their bathroom decor. You need to consider the shape, size, and style of your bathroom mirror when you are shopping at our lighting store in Melbourne for bathroom vanity lighting. For example, a round mirror looks great with globe lights, and a longer mirror can have hanging pendants to either side for a luxurious feel. 


The House of Lights and Home Accents in Melbourne is your go-to lighting store for all your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Not only do we specialize in lighting, but we also offer home decor, furniture, and ceiling fans. We love helping homeowners and business owners have the perfect lighting for their space, so they can accomplish their everyday tasks. Our lighting designers are ALA-certified lighting professionals and have crafted a great eye for lighting decor. They can help answer your questions and guide you to the type and style of lighting you are considering. In addition, we offer thousands of indoor and outdoor lighting selections online in many different types of finishes, too. 

We believe that once you visit our lighting showroom, you'll get a better idea of what you are looking for, whether it's bathroom vanity lighting or living room lighting. Seeing lighting in person will give you a sense of size and styles available, so you are better able to make a final selection. We carry only the best brands at affordable prices. Stop by our lighting store in Melbourne, or shop online today!

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