Room Renovations You'll Love

Room Renovations You'll Love

Oct 7th 2022 Staff

When it comes to your home, you want it to be functional and beautiful. After all, you'll spend the majority of your time within its four walls. The House of Lights and Home Accents specializes in helping Melbourne homeowners with their interior spaces by providing the best home lighting, accents, and furniture solutions. From indoor lighting to landscape and bathroom lighting, we've got your needs covered. Our ALA-certified lighting designers have years of experience you can leverage in order to ensure you have the look and feel you are looking for. Below, we'll take a look at some excellent and easy room renovations you'll love. Stop by today!

Add a Kitchen Island

Rather than engage in a full-blown kitchen remodeling project, try a kitchen renovation project for your Melbourne home that is smaller in scale but can still make a very large impact. Our designers recommend adding in a kitchen island. Or, you can add a faux island by using a table or cart on rollers that can serve the same purpose. Accent your kitchen island with the very best in kitchen island lighting from our local lighting store. Shop our selection today.

Install Lighting Dimmers in Your Living Room Space

Many older homes just don't have the outlets or the space for extra lighting features, such as floor lamps or more overhead lighting. Instead, you can add wonderful ambient lighting by adding dimmers to your current lighting. This way, you can still have wonderful task lighting, but you can adjust your lighting when doing relaxing tasks, such as watching TV or folding laundry, to create the mood you desire. Shop our lighting controls today!

Accessorize Your Bathroom

Let's face it, your bathroom is mostly for you. While you may have guests use it every now and then, the vast majority of the time, it's you and your family. Thus, you should have a space that speaks to you. One of the best ways to personalize your space is with lighting and home decor accents, both of which our local lighting store offers. From wall torchieres to decorative lamps and storage spaces, you can add small touches that make a big difference in your life. Browse online today!

Change Your Dining Room Lighting

Many people forget all about their dining room lighting until years go by and you walk into your dining room one day and you find that you stepped into another era. Another great room renovation you'll love is to update your dining room lighting. While many people immediately think of investing in a chandelier, you don't necessarily have to. Instead, consider a few pendant lights, wall sconces, or a contemporary small chandelier to add interest or create a focal point. Consult a lighting designer to get started today!

Reinvigorate Your Entryway With Lighting

When you enter your home and it's dark out and you don't have the best lighting, it can be a bit dismal to say the least. You want to be able to turn on your light and see clearly. This is for safety, too. The last thing you want is to trip over a kid's toy. Instead, a simple room update is to install a wonderful entryway light, such as a hanging lantern or wall sconces, that can brighten your space for you and your guests. Plus, with so many design styles and finishes, the sky's the limit for a customized look and feel that you crave. Let a certified lighting designer know your preferences today!


When it comes to updating your home, you don't have to undertake a major renovation project in order to make a real difference. Instead, you can examine your existing rooms and look for little things to update to both modernize your space and make it more functional. Here at The House of Lights and Home Accents in Melbourne, our team of certified lighting designers love to help our customers update their rooms for a wonderful, invigorating new look. We can offer helpful advice, as well as inform you of the latest trends in lighting, to offer you the most choices possible.

When you visit our lighting store in Melbourne, let us know what you are looking for. Or, schedule a free consultation with a certified lighting designer in order to offer a more in-depth look at your lighting needs. Stop by today!

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