Lighting Installation Services You'll Love

Lighting Installation Services You'll Love

Aug 8th 2023 Staff

When it comes to creating the perfect ambiance in your home, lighting plays a crucial role. At The House of Lights & Home Accents, a local lighting store in Melbourne, we offer a comprehensive installation service that ensures your lighting fixtures are expertly installed, along with ceiling fans, and home decor items such as mirrors and other hanging fixtures. With our professional installation services, you can trust that your space will be transformed with the utmost care and precision. Learn more about our white-glove installation services below, and shop online today!

Lighting Fixture Installation

One of our primary installation services is the installation of lighting fixtures. Whether you're looking to update your outdated lighting fixtures or want to add new ones to enhance the atmosphere of your space, our team of experienced professionals is here to help. We understand that the proper installation of lighting fixtures is essential not only for functionality but also for aesthetics. With our expertise, we will ensure that your lighting fixtures are installed securely and properly, providing optimal lighting for every room in your home.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are another popular feature that homeowners in Melbourne often desire in their living spaces. Not only do ceiling fans provide a cooling breeze during hot summer months, but they can also help improve air circulation year-round. Our installation services cover the installation of ceiling fans, ensuring that they are safely and correctly mounted to the ceiling of your choice. Whether you want to install a ceiling fan in your living room, bedroom, or outdoor area, our team will handle the installation process efficiently and professionally.

Mirror Installation

In addition to lighting and ceiling fans, we also offer installation services for a variety of home decor items, such as mirrors and other hanging items that we sell. Mirrors can add depth, light, and style to any room, and our team specializes in securely and flawlessly hanging mirrors of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking to hang a decorative mirror in your entryway or a large, statement-making mirror in your living room, our installation experts will provide the necessary expertise to ensure that your home decor item is hung securely and accurately.

Other Home Decor Items

Furthermore, if you've purchased any other hanging items from our store, such as artwork, wall shelves, or decorative wall hangings, our installation services cover those as well. Our team understands the importance of properly installing these items to protect your walls and create a polished, cohesive look. We will handle the installation process at your Melbourne home with precision, taking into account the weight, size, and placement of each item to achieve the desired aesthetic without compromising the integrity of your walls.

We Make It Easy

When it comes to installation services, The House of Lights is committed to providing top-notch service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled professionals has extensive experience in handling diverse installation projects, and we approach each job with attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.


Whether you're looking to update your lighting fixtures, install ceiling fans, hang mirrors, or display other decorative items, our installation services ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience. Trust The House of Lights & Home Accents to transform your space with our expert installation services, and let us help you create a home that radiates beauty, comfort, and style. We offer customized services to meet your needs, and we can install items around at a convenient time for you. Contact us today to schedule your installation appointment in the greater Melbourne, Florida area.

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