A Bathroom Lighting Guide for 2022

A Bathroom Lighting Guide for 2022

Jan 10th 2022 Staff

If you're looking for a bathroom lighting guide for the new year, then you've come to the right place! Whether your house is new or old, if it has a bathroom, chances are that you need at least one light fixture replaced in there. In this post we'll cover some important aspects to consider when choosing bathroom lighting fixtures, including size and shape of the room, placement of fixtures on walls and ceilings, brightness levels required by various activities such as showering or grooming — plus much more!

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The Size Of Your Bathroom

Start by considering the size of your bathroom. If it is a small room, you can’t do much to change that but if it's large and spacious then consider using several lights in different spots throughout the room to brighten up all areas at once.

Consider Sconces

Sconces are great for smaller rooms because they bring light closer to users when items such as shaving or applying makeup need more focused lighting - this will allow them to see better within their space without having too many harsh shadows everywhere else.

Consider Ceiling-Mounted Lights For Larger Bathrooms

For larger bathrooms with more space, ceiling-mounted lights may be the best option because they can provide a lot of illumination throughout the whole room without creating shadows near sinks or toilets where people need focused beams in order to see what needs to be done.

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