Christmas Lighting You'll Love

Christmas Lighting You'll Love

Jan 10th 2022 Staff

Even though the chill is just now starting to hit the air, Christmas is right around the corner, which means a season of giving, cheer, laughter, and family. Lighting is such an important part of Christmas. For one, it’s during December, one of the months where the days are the shortest. Two, it’s a festive time of year with Christmas lights.. Below, we’ll take a look at some Christmas lighting you’ll love. Shop The House of Lights in Melbourne today!

Exterior Lighting

Many of us have family that will come and visit during the holiday season, and it's nice to have great exterior lighting so that your family can easily find your home and feel welcomed. Whether you choose outdoor flush mounts or flood lights, we have a wide variety to choose from. Browse our selection either online or in our lighting showroom today.

One of the signature items of Christmas is its colors: red and green. Many people love to use colored lighting in order to help bring the season to life. Our lighting designers suggest trying our foyer-hall lanterns. This lighting solution not only will provide great lighting for when your guests step into your home, but you can change their light bulbs to Christmas colors to set the mood, too.

Home Decor Accents

Having a Christmas tree is one of the best parts of Christmas for many. Whether you invest in a real tree or an artificial one, decorating the tree can be a fun family tradition enjoyed by all. Here at The House of Lights, we offer some of the best home decor accents, including Christmas trees. These small home decor items go great on tables, by the TV, on your nightstand, or anywhere you want to bring holiday cheer. Shop today!

Consider The Gift Of Light

Adding light to your space is sure to brighten the mood (forgive the pun) and lift your spirits. Lighting makes one of the best Christmas gifts because it's unique, it's functional, and it can be customized to your recipient's tastes. The House of Lights offers thousands of lighting solutions for that special someone in your family. Shop all of our lights today!


The House of Lights and Home Accents in Melbourne has been brightening people's spirits for more than 50 years. Our highly-trained and experienced staff can't wait to help make your holiday season or a loved one's bright. We invite you down to our 10,000 square foot showroom to see the possibilities. Stop by today!

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